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Monopoly Seinfeld Game

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Buy, sell, and trade the 22 most popular locations from one of America’s favorite television series! This Seinfeld Collector’s Edition Monopoly takes the classic game you love and gives it a quirky spin. Traditional Houses and Hotels are renamed “Parking Spaces” and “Garages”, and Community Chest and Chance cards are renamed “Yada, Yada Yada” and “Hellooo!”. Also includes 6 collectible Seinfeld-themed pewter tokens: The Marble Rye, The Puffy Shirt, The Urban Sombrero, The Bro/Manzier, The Coffee Table Book, and The Fusilli Jerry. A must-have for any Seinfeld fan! Completely customized game showcasing 22 memorable locations and hang-outs from various Seinfeld episodes 6 collectible pewter tokens including: puffy shirt, fusilli jerry, urban sombrero, the bro/manzier, coffee table book, marb

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2010

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SKETCHBOOK PRO 2010 SLM DVD Autodesk SketchBook Pro software offers best-in-class sketching capabilities for professional designers and artists from all industries Fast and intuitive user interface; designed specifically for use with digitized pen tablets and Tablet PCs Free up the sketching process with ultra-responsive digital pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes that look and feel just like the real thing Communicate more efficiently by emailing sketches and annotations instantly to colleagues and clients Open and save common file formats, including TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and PSD filesThis software is a MUST for all digital artists who use a tablet or tablet-style input device. I purchased a ModBook (Axiotron conversion of a MacBook), and I ran into endless problems with Photosh

National Lampoon

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National Lampoon – The Humor Magazine Complete Collection on 1 DVD-ROM

Revisit and relive the shocking immaturity of every issue of the National Lampoon monthly magazine covering 29 years, April 1970 through November 1998.

A total of 246 magazines featuring legendary humorists such as Michael O’Donoghue, Henry Beard, Chris Miller, Doug Kenney, P.J. O’Rourke, with classic artwork by Dick Hess, Rich Meyerowitz, and Bruce McCall. A total of 246 original magazines from 1970 through 1998. NATIONAL LAMPOON began as a publishing venture in 1970, led by comic geniuses Doug Kenney, Henry Beard and magazine publisher Matty Simmons. The magazine quickly established itself as the most shocking, subversive, and unpredictable mass-circulation magazine ever, offering comic perspectives never before ca

Western Dime Novel Tradition Resurrected with New Supernatural Series … – (press release) (press release)
Western Dime Novel Tradition Resurrected with New Supernatural Series (press release)
Evileye Books signs horror writer, Mark Justice, to multi-book deal, who will produce both prose fiction and graphic novels. The first comics series will

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“Not A Chance” Of 'Watchmen' Film Sequel –
The Internet is filling up with chatter here and here about how Dan DiDio, the SVP/Executive Editor for DC Comics, is determined to push not only a sequel to the Watchmen graphic novel, but a multiple prequel comic book miniseries and …

One Response to “INDY COMIC BOOK NEWS EPISODE #19.mp4”. shojinstudios says: February 4, 2010 at 4:09 pm. WOAH Metallica and an animated Spawn graphic novel animation…. Keep it coming! …

Bloom County Continues in April «
Creative and Editorial Director Dean Mullaney has been an influential force in the comics field since 1978, when he published the first graphic novel for the comics specialty market (Sabre by Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy). …