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MAGLITE 4-D Cell LED Flashlight

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Great for outdoor use or in case of emergency. Uses 3-watt LED Powerful focusing beam Efficient power usage Durable and reliable Aluminum alloy caseI purchased my first MagLite flashlight well over 20 years ago. I was so impressed with the quality, I purchased a number of them in different sizes from keychain AAA to 4-D cell. Not surprisingly, I still have them all and most of them still look much the same as they did when purchased. Only one of them has ever been a problem – after a family member left it turned on and in a drawer for over a year. The batteries literally swelled and froze into the aluminum, pitting and eating into it to become a part of it. The rest of the flashlight still looked new. I had to take a large bit and drill the two C batteries out of that one. It took some ti

‘Maglite” D-Cell Flashlight Leather Belt Holder

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‘Maglite” Leather Belt Holder for D-Cell Flashlights ‘Maglite” Leather Belt Holder for D-Cell FlashlightsMAGLITE ASXD036 Plain Leather Belt Holder for D-Cell Flashlight, Black

I bought this item so I could hang my 4 D-Cell Maglite on to my pack with a carbiner clip for backpacking trips. Works great for this application. Strapping the flashlight down with a bungee cord so that it does not flop around completes the job.

Rothco Smith and Wesson H.R.T. Boot Knife With False Edge

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Black rubberized handle, 3 1/2″ 440 Carbon Steel blade with teflon coating, 7 3/4″ Overall, Plastic sheath with clip, Black rubberized handle 3 1/2″ 440 Carbon Steel blade with teflon coating 7 3/4″ Overall Plastic sheath with clip Limeted Lifetime Warrantysweet boot knife i use for all utility purposes. very solid and durable. even though i conceal it’s great to have cuz i glock cant cut string!

In Time for Valentine’s Day: THE LOVE DARE’s New Online/On Video Community … – PR Newswire (press release)
In Time for Valentine's Day: THE LOVE DARE's New Online/On Video Community
PR Newswire (press release)
two new announcements from The Love Dare—the Evangelical Christian Publisher's Association's bestselling Christian book of 2009—give millions of fans

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February Parent|Member Update | Teen Missions International
LEARN YOUR 10 COMMANDMENTS AND THE 66 BOOKS OF THE BIBLE TODAY—Start learning the 10 Commandments and the books of the Bible, so you will have them memorized when you run the Obstacle Course at Boot Camp. …

President Obama & Theology Giant, Reinhold Niebuhr: Two peas in a
“He said there was a difference between being a ‘fool for Christ’ and a plain damn fool,” says Richard Crouter, author of the upcoming book “Reinhold Niebuhr: On Politics, Religion and Christian Faith.” …

Hot Christian Product : Remembrance Ware Brass Tone Bread Plate
Hot Christian Product : Remembrance Ware Brass Tone Bread Plate Cover. At deeperShopping.com – Christian Books we just sold a copy of. Remembrance Ware Brass Tone Bread Plate Cover. This is a great product! …