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The Wizard of Oz (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition with Digital Copy and Amazon Exclusi

Price : $84.99 AverageRating : 4.5 Reviews : 717
When it was released during Hollywood’s golden year of 1939, The Wizard of Oz didn’t start out as the perennial classic it has since become. The film did respectable business, but it wasn’t until its debut on television that this family favorite saw its popularity soar. And while Oz’s TV broadcasts are now controlled by media mogul Ted Turner (who owns the rights), the advent of home video has made this lively musical a mainstay in the staple diet of great American films. Young Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland), her dog, Toto, and her three companions on the yellow brick road to Oz–the Tin Man (Jack Haley), the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), and the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger)–have become pop-culture icons and central figures in the legacy of fantasy for children. As the Wicked Witch

The Sound of Music (Two-Disc 40th Anniversary Special Edition)

Price : $26.98 AverageRating : 4.5 Reviews : 594
When Julie Andrews sang “The hills are alive with the sound of music” from an Austrian mountaintop in 1965, the most beloved movie musical was born. To be sure, the adaptation of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II’s Broadway hit has never been as universally acclaimed as, say, Singin’ in the Rain. Critics argue that the songs are saccharine (even the songwriters regretted the line “To sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray”) and that the characters and plot lack the complexity that could make them more interesting. It’s not hard to know whom to root for when your choice is between cute kids and Nazis.

The BBC Earth Collection (Planet Earth / Earth: The Biography) [Blu-ray]

Price : $129.98 AverageRating : 5.0 Reviews : 11
Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/04/2008 Run time: 780 minutes Rating: Nr PLANET EARTH The makers of The Blue Planet present the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet’s best-loved, wildest and mosMost people break their reviews of this product down in 2 parts, picture and content. I think this dvd has been praised very highly due to both but even more so concerning picture quality. It is extremely popular for “Jaw-dropping” detail, visually.

The content is great and yes, the narration is

Two Afro-Asian Leaders: Kufuor and Zulfi Bhutto in Identical Portraits. – Ghana News
Two Afro-Asian Leaders: Kufuor and Zulfi Bhutto in Identical Portraits.
Ghana News
In her 1988 memoirs, Benazir Bhutto asserted briefly: “We believe in God [Allah] and leave justice to him,” (p.265). The 378 page biography of Zulfi Bhutto,

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New Hazel Scott Bio by Karen Chilton | JAZZofilo ….. JAZZofilo
Throughout the book, relying on access to Scott’s unpublished memoirs, Chilton lets Scott’s words punctuate the events of her storied life. Perhaps the highest compliment one can pay to this fine biography is that during the first 150 …

20 Questions … well, about 14 Questions … with Jean Hardie
I am particularly fond of biographies. Most recently, I finished a bio of Stephen Sondheim and have worked my way through most of James Lipton’s memoirs. I devoured the Harry Potter books and cannot deal with the reality that there …

Buy Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography – Tarpley, For
The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pittingAuthor: Tarpley, Webster G.Category: Biographies & Memoirs : GeneralFormat: PaperbackCondition: NEWPublisher: Progressive PressPublished: November 1, 2008ISBN: 930852818ISBN-13: …



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